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Welcome to Concentration Bugs!!

We're glad you're here.  There are a lot of exciting things happening right now.  Here's a little background on Mia's company:

Mia, a third grader at St. Pius X School in northern Indiana, decided that she wanted to enter Warren Buffett's "Grow Your Own Business Challenge" for kids between the ages of 7 - 14.  (Check out for more information on the competition.)  She brainstormed on her business idea and had her "AHA!" moment while at dinner with her family.  "I know!! Concentration Bugs!!" she declared.  And, the idea was born.

Concentration bugs are cute stuffed animals that sit with kids while they study.  The kids then pretend that the bugs give them the power to concentrate.  The bugs, however, get tired and need to recharge.  The bugs recharge their energy with knowledge, so the kids must help their bugs by placing them on their homework overnight.  The bugs study all night while everyone sleeps and that's why they have dark circles under their eyes.

Mia developed this concept for Mr. Buffett's contest and submitted her entry in January 2014.  A few months later, she was notified that she was chosen as 1 of the 5 individual finalists out of over 4,000 entries from around the nation. 

On May 19, 2014, she had the opportunity to present her business idea to a panel of judges and Mr. Buffett in Omaha.  It was an experience of a lifetime!!  For more details, Mia posted a short summary of the main event in the "Blog" section of this website.

Lastly, Mia is intent on launching her company, so please stay tuned and check back often.  Mia will be posting a play-by-play of her start-up journey.  Not only does she hope that she builds a successful company, but she also hopes other kids will be inspired to do the same.

Mia would love to hear from you.  Please don't hesitate with any comments or questions.

Thanks again for being here!! 

Brett (Mia's dad)